Friday, May 22, 2009

influenza A

Although i do not quite know this disease but i know it started in mexico and is very infectious.If i am not mistaken,it spread through our lungs.I think only indonesia,malaysia,vietnam and others i am not so sure.At the particular countries,they used a kind of camera that can detect unusual temperature to prevent those people getting infected.It is not very effective just taking temperature and Singapore should not have relaxed as they would regret it some day and Singapore would one day become a victim as their closest neighbouring country,malaysia got infected.I think we should continue taking precaucoious against this disease and continue to take temperature every single day.Actually i am doing nothing myself to prevent it because i do not think i am so unlucky that i would be struck with that disease.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Earth day

Earth day is not just important to me but also important to everyone as we help to save Earth.I understand the phrase `save the earth' means saving the Earth from globalwarming and other stuffs.It is important to have the 3Rs so people would save the Earth by doing 3Rs.I can recycle recycleable things to save the Earth.Normally,my family and i does not directly help saving Earth but indirectly like save elctricity,save water but mostly because to save money.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

international freindship day

We celebrate international friendship day so we could have better relationship with other countries,neighbouring countries.Actually, i do not know how the whole thing come about.ASEAN means `Association of South East Asian Nations'.For me,i think ASEAN is the ten countries around singapore and others.I have a lot of friends from Singapore because i am a Malaysian and that counted,right?The school should organise different games from the ASEAN countries to help us participate in the international friendship day!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


If are a liverpool fan,you rocks as liverpool is sure winning EPL and champion league.
If you are a manchester united fan,they are losers,so come support liverpool.
If you are a chelsea fan,you can continue support chelsea but liverpool better.
If you are an arsenal fan,you better change team as arsenal is hopeless to win anything.
But the best of all,LIVERPOOL ROCKS!

improving the school

I like the field the best as i could kick soccer.I hate the school hall the most as it is very boring to me.I think if there was more electronic games like psp,ps3,xbox360 and ect. would be better or more footballs to play.The classroom could improve a lot more as it is very dull and boring.I think that pupils could bring or make things to decorate around the classroom.I hope the school could come up fresh things each months to get on our excitement.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

healthy eating

My favourite food is,i do not know as i got lots of favourite food but i guess it is chicken rice.It is really tasty and lots of singaporian also likes eating chicken rice.Although it is not very healthy but it is tasty.If we eat healthy food,we could grow healthly and lead a good health without sickness and all.We could get heart attack,kidney failure and etc. if we do not eat healthy food.I like apples,banana,pears and watermelon.For vegetables,i like cabbage,lettuce and ect. and they are really tasty and if u do not believe me,go try it.Yes,i do suuport as those fruits and vegetables are tasty,and also healthy.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


if i did not know any better i think it is because the school do not want us to be talking all the time or the hall or parade square would be very noisy and it will help us strengten our english language.i like it as it is peaceful to read my belovered story book and the faster i finish,the faster i get to borrow another book.actually i like to read mr midnight but it has been band from miss rahimah and if not,i could be reading a lot of mr midnight.i do think that reading would not help me in homework as i can know all those different words and also help me in can encourage pupils to read by providing interesting and exciting storybooks.i like to read mr midnight and it is written by young and different author but corrected by james lee.i like to read as it is exciting and it is scary stories and i want to bloden my courage and i started reading scary stories and watch horor movie.

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