Sunday, February 22, 2009


if i did not know any better i think it is because the school do not want us to be talking all the time or the hall or parade square would be very noisy and it will help us strengten our english language.i like it as it is peaceful to read my belovered story book and the faster i finish,the faster i get to borrow another book.actually i like to read mr midnight but it has been band from miss rahimah and if not,i could be reading a lot of mr midnight.i do think that reading would not help me in homework as i can know all those different words and also help me in can encourage pupils to read by providing interesting and exciting storybooks.i like to read mr midnight and it is written by young and different author but corrected by james lee.i like to read as it is exciting and it is scary stories and i want to bloden my courage and i started reading scary stories and watch horor movie.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

activities outside school

all of my activities are tution from mon to wed and also fri,sat and sun.everry lesson two hours except for sun,one and a half hour.if my studies were better,i would not have involve in these activities.these activities are useful for my academic.yes it affects my study which make it better.every time i got tution,i felt stresse as she is stric and fierce.people who do not have any outside activities,should join this tution centre as it will help in our academic.


Monday, February 9, 2009

today match (p6 vs p5)

,P6 trash p5 4 vs 0 and team:Dillon,Ujit,Zhi Hao,ching hong(me)and david vs ?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

passion for learning

i think passion for learning means we aqre keen to leaarn something when we are going to learn something new.if someone do not have passion for learning,they will not learn something new and fast enough.someone like Keith , Dillon and ECT. have passion for learning as they always keen to learn new things.they will always ask question if they do not understand things.i do have passion for learning because i will ask things if i do not understand.i can develop intelligence and learn new things if i develop passion for learning.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Total defence (what will I defend)

I will defend my friends.Without friends, one person will be very lonely. When we are in trouble, our friends will help us and vice versa. I will defend them physically mentally like in exams and all sorts of things. friends are as important as familys and they help us like our familys and relatives. All I have to say is DEFEND MY FRIENDS!

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